Monday, January 5, 2009

We stayed last night at Joanie’s house in Tucson, and had a wonderful lasagna dinner with Joanie, Rob and Karla.


Then we were up bright and early this morning, and after sorting through everything we brought along on the trip, repacking Big Blue, and battening down the hatches for the Aliner (we left it at Joanie’s) we then bought MX car insurance, filled up with gas and split town!!

We had some wonderful tacos for lunch today in Mexico (picture of our cafe to follow tomorrow or the next day...). Katharine had a Fanta for lunch!! First time in years!!

As we drove through the beautiful Mexican countryside this afternoon, we continued listening to Twilight and almost finished this book.

We made it into Guaymas about 5pm to find that the ferry isn’t running this evening, because of bad weather (and we looked at each other, noting the current blue skies and perfect sunset). However, with all due respect, there is bad weather to the north that could be impacting the Sea of Cortez beyond what we know. So we can’t even buy a ticket tonight for the passage tomorrow morning, leaving at 8am, and we were told to be at the ferry at 7am. We intend to be there at 6am. We came back into town and rented a room at the hotel that the ferry ticket man suggested, Hotel San Enrico. It is clean and safe, only $40, free wireless internet (although Jo can't send email out, for whatever reason). We have food in our room and aren’t going out tonight. We discovered our cell phones work in MX (at least on this side of the Sea of Cortez) and definitely will call if there is any real problem. Also – just for clarification - our destination port is not Santa Rosalina; it’s actually Santa Rosalia. If for some reason we can’t get on the ferry tomorrow morning, we will drive south to the next ferry port and try there. We pretty much expected all of this, so we are not too surprised.

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