Thursday, January 8, 2009

This is Jo writing. I know it says that I write everything, but actually Candice has done all the video (no suprise there, eh?) and some of the comments too.

Here is our business plan while in town - should we alert Burnell?
This is a picture of Candice and Olga. We ate lunch at the Zamago's yesterday and it was so good! Mama Lenda made refried beans, Spanish rice, and beef stew and we ate it up with fresh torillas and fresh cow cheese. Yum, yum. The Zamago's are the local family who adopted Candice when she lived here before we started school.

We have found free internet at Pancho Villa's, a small open air restaurant along the Mulege (moo-la-HAY) river, but are experiencing some difficulty uploading pictures and video. I guess the small pictures are uploading - if you click on them, they will open into a larger window.

So even though we've got all this great space for pictures - on the size of communion wafers - we still need to figure out the other end of the process. Patience, patience to all our fans! Have you ever known Candice to fail you yet?!

Today we went to Loreto where there is an international airport with a palm thatched roof to pick up 5 Canadian women. They are here for 2 weeks also visiting with Audrey, Candice's friend, where we are also staying. It's a 3 bedroom house, so we'll be quite cozy tonight!!
The drive to Loreto was quite spectacular. It was 1.5 hours south of Mulege on a 2 lane winding road between the coast and the mountains. The views are breathtaking! The water is so clear! Many people come to this area to fish, kayak (Angel?), and scuba dive.

The ferry cost $550!! Actually, the sign for pesos is the same as the same for dollars, and the exchange rate is 10 to 1, so the ferry cost $55 per person and $250 for the car, one way. So that's about 4,100 pesos total.
I'm glad to hear that my cat is coming back to eat! I like Vanna! I want her back!

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  1. Hi, It seems everyone is having a good time and eating well. We had a new experience here a few nights back. I heard a very strange sound. After thinking in over, I concluded that it came from a large cat. I talked this over with my neighbor and we think that it was a panther. The next morning The cow was laying up in a corner next to the barn and she had her calf snuged real close. They did not get up until late in the day so I think this cow saw or smelled the panther. Tomorrow we go to Jax and have lunch with Bryan, then get ready for market Sat. Lettuce is looking very lush. The best we have ever had it. All for now. Good night