Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crossing into MEXICO


  1. Okay I wait all day for my Mexican Movie, and gues what? No sound, because you infringed on some stupid copyright? What the dickens are you doing, and what was that fast filming past that shanty town? Why is Katherine facedown, and practically kissing a dirty Mexican ferry boat floor? I tell you, this was quite nerve wracking.

  2. Hi JO,

    This blog is superb....following you down the road and wishing that I could do this sound has been perfect....the pics are great and I love the videos with the great background brother in law was coveting your sauna and was trying to talk me into letting him go use it...I said he would probably find himself visited by a few policemen if he tried it!!!
    All is quiet and good here in Hawthorne. Enjoy. Enjoy. You've got a great crew there.