Saturday, January 3, 2009

From flat to flat . . .


We are on day 2 of our drive - and so far so good!

Our goal was to leave Gainesville yesterday by 11am or 12 noon - we got out by 1pm. Not bad for 3 chicks.

We all prepared food for the trip to Mexico. Jo made a tempeh dish, squash/quinoa dish, Katharine brought her juicer so we can make fresh veggie juice on the road (the beet/carrot/chard/spinach/apple. bok choy combo is fantastic!). I made buffalo quesadillas with sautéed greens and peppers for the afternoon meals.

Jo has these mysterious glass jars of clear fluid. I am convinced they are moonshine because before she starts to drink it she says, “Prost” which is essentially the German drinking toast one says before every drink – it means something like “Here’s to your extra big long life and your kids are smarter than mine.” She also got this fantastic A-Frame camper that we are towing. It lays flat for driving, and then when we are ready to camp or sleep - she hits a few choice areas on the camper and the top part of the camper pops up like magic into a little A-Frame house. It has 3 beds in it, a dinette, refrigerator and plenty of storage.

We spent the first part of our 6 hours journey organizing our herb cards and notes. Now we just have to start studying them. After organizing our notes, we decided to take a break and listen to the “Twilight” audio book series (thanks Zee!).

We decided to take the camper with us so Jo could have a test run and get to know it better before she takes her pilgrimage to Alaska to set-up her practice. Katharine and I sleep inside the houses of friends, Jo sleeps in the A-Frame. I prefer to be closer to the bathroom.

Last night Jo was visited by a roving neighborhood dog while sleeping in the A-Frame, the dog peed on the tires. We all agreed it was blessing us for the trip.

I also lost my ski cap last night, it dropped out of my bag near the A-frame on the lawn. Jo found it in the neighbor's yard, apparently the dog got a hold of it, but left it across the street for some reason. Needless to say, I got my hat back.

We stayed with my friend Susan in Mobile, AL last night. Mobile is where I discovered my Shifu ( - and where I studied Qi Gong, Taiji and Shaolin Kung fu full time for about a year. Susan has been his student for 15 years and took us through traditional Qi Gong postures, animal forms and Taiji forms this morning before we left to get the juices flowing.

The trailer pulls really nicely in Jo's big truck that we affectionately refer to as "Big Blue". And everyone on the road gets out of our way. It is very empowering. We had trouble with the trailer lights; they were working intermittently for some reason last night. We stopped into a mechanics place on the way out of Mobile this morning and asked him to look at the wiring. He went to the pigtail plug and shoved it in harder - miraculously it started working! We felt like women again.

We are off to San Antonio, my hometown, to stay the night. We will be staying with my childhood best friend, whom I have not seen in almost 15 years. This is an interesting leg of the trip. Most of the journey is through the Louisiana Bayou, which is pretty fascinating; the entire road is one long bridge through the marsh. So we aren't going from sea to shining sea, more like - from flat to flat. Also bit of trivia for you all, Katharine said it is the Longest, narrowest, nowhere to get off darkest bridge at night in the US (and I think that is official information).

Through the marsh we managed to come to the conclusion that Global Warming is not actually a destructive process but rather a natural process the Earth is going to go through regardless, and to think that we are capable of going up against the earth and affecting it in such a profound way is typical of human arrogance – also, it is better to cook a lobster first in cold water that you bring to a boil – because the lobsters don’t feel the gradual shift in temperature and is less likely to die in severe shock and pain if they are tossed directly into a boiling pot. I believe that is also official. And the last gas fill up was $1.49.

While filling up the tank I downloaded a great seminar off of about an Italian Western Doctor who is fighting cancer with injections of Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) solutions, because he believes cancer is a fungus. This is the link:




We were able to play it through Big Blue’s sound system and listen to the lecture while on the road. It confirms Budvig’s theories on increasing alkaline levels in the body to create a better Ph balance (in which fungus/cancer cannot survive). He is doing injection therapies to deal with symptoms (tumors); we agreed that the injection therapies were great, but…as Dr. Shen always said…”Chinese medicine…in the life.”

True healing is in the life.

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