Friday, January 2, 2009

tweaking the system

We left Gainesville about 1 yesterday and got into Mobile about 7:30 (local time).  No problems, no worries!!  Just a minor issue with the pigtail pulling out of the truck plug.  We flipped the ball at UHaul before we left town - amazing that they were 0pen - so that the camper and truck were level instead over dipping just slightly in the middle.  Well, flipping the ball to raise it just a bit also lengthened the hitch just enough to make the pigtail pull out on sharp right turns.  So now we we are careful for that.

I took some pictures last night and this morning that I will upload later.  Here's a short video to keep y'all happy!!

We stayed with Candice's friend Susan last night and did qi gong this morning in her back yard before leaving.  Very lovely.

See VBLOG v.1 below:


  1. Sweet. Hey, check your e-mail, I just sent you some notes that should be useful.

    I plan to take the test Jan 21 -- the morning of the day I head out to Oregon to look for a house. Do I like to pack it in or what.

  2. great video. Hope I got this thing working so I can post comments

  3. hello from Colorado - six inches new Larry