Sunday, January 11, 2009

Acupunctura 'R Us

Above is our typical setup. We have Jo's lounging lawn chair, a 4ft. space heater and a folding tv dinner tray for our clean needle.

We have also managed to take Burnell's advice and advertise our services, this shot combines both our marketing plan as well as our advertising:


  1. Where is the sign for cosmetic acupuncture?

  2. You better wash your hands good after writing that sign with your fingers! Remember clean needle and "wet the hands first,then soap" especially in Mexico. How many patients are you seeing a day, and are you working for food?
    I think you should, but watch out for the Ameoba's!

  3. Can you treat the patients outside? Tell us something about the needs that patients have.
    We are getting set for a bit of cooler weather about mid week. We are getting a much needed rain now. Strawberries are still doing real good. Are there a lot of fresh veggies available there? or did they send them all north?