Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Farm Experience

We visited a local farm a couple of days ago. Olga and Aracelli Zamago took us and we bought beets, green onions, chard, spinach, broccoli, and cilantro all freshly picked that morning. We didn’t buy any cabbage, although it also looked absolutely fantastic. Then we went out into the fields and picked cauliflower – giant cauliflower! Pictures to come soon. Anyway, the Zamagos told us that the farm uses cow shit for fertilizer and that it’s illegal in this area to use chemicals. I don’t now how much of their produce goes north, but it’s for sale locally, so not all of it goes. The farm also has lots of greenhouses that they use for starting plants. There was also quite a bit of space devoted to alfalfa (for the cows) and corn.

Afterwards, we went back to the Zamagos and Candice gave a dietary lesson in Spanish! Katharine helped Candice while I put in appetite-control ear seeds for Olga, Aracelli and Carmen (another sister). They all want to lose weight, so veggies will help!

Candice is very fluent in Spanish, as y’all know. On the way home from Santa Rosalina the other day, though, a policeman pulled us over, Candice was driving too fast and when he asked if she spoke any Spanish, and she said, smiling sweetly, “a little” and then spoke only in English! It worked, though, he let us go without paying a fine. The fine would have been collected on behalf of the cops on the scene, not the local government. The speed limits are very low, like 40 mph on open stretches of road, so it’s very difficult to drive the right limit.


  1. Interesting notes on the farm. Any pictures? How so they protect their crops from cool temps?

  2. Candice you sly little stinker! I am so proud of you. the veggies sound fabulous, absolutely fabulous. Cold here, Jo I had to pick 7 large papaya last night so they would not freeze, I do hope they ripen in window okay! Otherwise
    they would turn to mush like last year when they froze. I had to bring my hanging tomato inside also (upside down watering planter, someone bought me for graduation, really neat) the tomato plant is planted upside down in the bottom. Have a great week girls!
    Love Angel

  3. The weather here is getting very cool. Predicted to go down to 25 tonight and remain below freezing until 10:00 AM tomorrow. We harvested all our lettuce yesterday and took it to Wards and we cancelled our market trip for tomorrow. The long range forcast for the South is temperatures above normal for Jan- Mar. So I figure after this cold spell we will be back to hot and dusty. We have had covers on the plants for the past 3 days and maybe for 2 or 3 days more.

    I check every day to see if you have added to your travel log.

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