Monday, January 12, 2009

Over the rainbow . . .

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To answer some questions: we are treating 2-4 humans per day, sometimes animals in pain. We make our gas and food money. We wash our hands. We have a clean field. We swab the patients. The food here is all organic, no chemicals, fresh from ranch gardens and fish from the sea.


  1. Nice, and I liked the music. How do you dub that in? What kinds of animal problems do you treat?

  2. Herb has been looking over my shoulder while I watch your adventures and he is wondering why I didn't go with you. I love the blog and the videos and am with you in spirit! I love you all so much, am so proud of you, and looking forward to your return. Kisses, Zee

  3. Very nice girls, looks like a wonderful time, glad your washing your hands.